Slideshow - A collection of artifacts from Minidoka

The Minidoka concentration camp was located in south central Idaho, approximately 15 miles northeast of Twin Falls. Nearly 13,000 Nikkei were incarcerated within a space of 946.3 acres. As the final group to arrive, the Bainbridge Islanders were assigned to Block 44 at the far southeastern corner of the camp. Each block consisted of twelve barracks, a mess hall, laundry and lavatory building, and a recreation hall. Each family lived in a single room approximately 20' x 20', furnished with cots, a single bare light bulb, and pot–bellied stove for heat. For the newly arrived Bainbridge Islanders the setting was even more dismal than Manzanar. No longer surrounded by mountains, they now looked for miles at flat expanses of dust and sagebrush. It was extremely hot in the summer and cold in the winter. The only relief from the dust came when rain or melting snow turned the ground into a muddy quagmire.

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HISTORY – Exclusion and Internment – Manzanar and Minidoka
HISTORY – Exclusion and Internment

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