Slideshow - Exclusion Order No. 1 and Preparing to Leave

Many of the families about to be exiled were helped by friends and neighbors as they prepared to leave. Here is an excerpt from Mary Woodward's book In Defense of Our Neighbors describing some of these instances:

"All across the Island, hurried arrangements were also made between the Nikkei and their Caucasian neighbors. Ken Myers, going against specific company instructions, made sure his clients had proper insurance coverage. Clark Burkheimer provided essential legal advice to Nikkei families. Orville Robertson of the Society of Friends agreed to look after some of the less–established farms, thus preserving ownership for the Nikkei. Arnold Raber bought the Koura's farm for one dollar and promised to resell it to them for that price upon their return.

Eve Bucklin stored the Sakais' rugs. The Schmidts took care of the Hayashidas' dishes. The Hydes assisted the Nishimoris. The Burnses helped the Suyematsus. Hakujin (Caucasian) customers settled tabs with local grocer Masaaki "Johnny" Nakata over his protests, saying, "You’ll need this."

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