Exclusion and Interment - End of War

_TIM2171 - Tractor on Strawberry Farm Japanese commanders surrendered their swords to the Allies aboard the USS Missouri in a traditional ceremony September 2, 1945; nearly a month after the atom bombs fell on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in southern Japan where most Island Nikkei families originated. Kay Nakao and her sisters and brother lost their grandmother in the Hiroshima devastation. Since the European Axis powers had surrendered in May, with this Pacific ceremony, World War II officially ended. By that time, most exiled Nikkei had been released from confinement and allowed to return to the West Coast. Following the Endo case before the Supreme Court and with the end of war in sight, the government released the first Nikkei in January 1945. Islanders Sam Nakao and Johnny Nakata visited Bainbridge Island in the spring to determine if it was a safe environment for their young families. Both were satisfied and brought their families homes, following the example set by Saichi and Yone Takemoto, who in April became the first Islanders to return.

SLIDESHOW A — Rebuilding Lives After War: A collection of artifacts and photos chronicling Bainbridge Island Nikkei after the end of WWII

Oral History Clip (OH0011 – Michi Noritake) 2:47 — Help from nurse from Winslow clinic, restart farm
Oral History Clip (OH0017 – Vic Takemoto) 3:26 — Help from Reverend Andrews
Oral History Clip (OH0023 – Kay Nakao) 3:57 — Getting renter out, looking over shoulder
Oral History Clip (OH0041 – Yae Yoshihara) 1:30 — Conditions of family farm upon return, going back to school
Oral History Clip (OH0046 – Frank Kitamoto) 1:46 — Supportive community
Oral History Clip (OH0059 – Junkoh Harui) 3:24 — Bainbridge Gardens
Oral History Clip (OH0073 – Sally Kitano) 3:43 — Returning to school
Oral History Clip (OH0074 – Sally Kitano) 0:56 — Discrimination
Oral History Clip (OH0095 – Sada Omoto) 2:40 — Memorial on Bainbridge Island

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