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While most of the island's Nikkei families were farmers, there were a few who had built other business ventures. Zenhichi Harui and Zenmatsu Seko owned and operated Bainbridge Gardens, a nursery and grocery store located off Miller Road. The Nakatas, while operating a berry farm, also ran a barbershop and grocery store in downtown Winslow. Kamekichi Shibayama owned and managed a hotel and apartment complex in Seattle. The Furutas, Katayamas, Kitayamas, Nagatanis, and Takayoshis all operated greenhouses. They grew flowers and produce that were driven to market by truck, an operation known as "truck–farming." Frank Kitamoto commuted to Seattle by ferry and was a salesperson for Friedlander's Jewelry. When the war broke out all of these families lost their businesses.

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