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As was common for many small rural communities, family was a top priority for most Bainbridge Islanders. Running a farm required laborers, so a large family filled with farmhands was beneficial. When walking was the main mode of transportation for the youth on the Island and other families were often miles away, children depended on their own siblings to act as playmates. The oldest children in the family were sometimes translators for their Issei immigrant parents, and soon they became almost like heads of household. Family members depended on each other for support and entertainment.

The following images show some of the young Nikkei families of Bainbridge Island just prior to World War II. They were quite western in their dress and culture. Many of these families, like the Sakais and Hayashidas were becoming comfortable financially when the war broke out. Their farms were at their highest production rate and they had just built new homes. All was put on hold when they were forced to leave.

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