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There was not much free time for the hard–working Bainbridge Island Nikkei families. This was a close–knit community that depended on each other for support and camaraderie, so they gathered together as much as possible. Social events were often held at the Japanese Hall, located on Grow Avenue. These included the showing of Japanese movies, judo club practice, song and dance performances, and small gatherings such as the dinner held to bid farewell to the first Nisei men who had joined the army just before World War II. Religion was important for many families. Some were Buddhist; others attended the Congregational church in downtown Winslow, and many were active in the Japanese Baptist Church built by Reverend Hirakawa off of Wyatt Avenue. Almost all families required their school aged children to attend Japanese School taught by Mrs. Ohtaki, who was forced to deal with often un–cooperative students who did more socializing than learning.

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