MEMORIAL — 65th Anniversary Ceremony

"I thought nobody cared. I'm very happy. I hope I live to see it done." That joy was shared by the more than 200 people who came together at the Memorial site on March 30, 2007, to commemorate the sixty–fifth anniversary of the exile of the Island's Japanese Americans. The words are those of Fumiko Hayashida, at 96 the Island's oldest surviving exile. She testified in 2006 before a congressional committee in support of a bill, sponsored by Representative Jay Inslee and eventually passed by a 419–0 vote in the House of Representatives, that would grant National Park Service (NPS) status to the Memorial. In 2008 the Senate passed similar legislation, President Bush added his signature, and the Nidoto Nai Yoni Memorial is now part of the NPS. Fumiko Hayashida and the others who were unjustly imprisoned now know that many, many people care.

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