Slideshow - Pearl Harbor/US Enters War

The US entrance into World War II brought sudden change throughout the country as well as to Bainbridge Island. The Winslow Marine Railway and Shipbuilding Company prospered during the war, providing work for several Bainbridge Islanders and many more from Seattle. The U.S. Navy took over Fort Ward, located on the Island's southern shore, where a radio school and top–secret listening post were stationed. The federal government created the Office of Civilian Defense to help organize state and federal efforts to protect civilians in the case of a war emergency. Locally, block wardens were appointed to make sure every family and individual on the Island was provided with the necessary assistance in the case of an emergency. Across the country civilians rallied to support the war effort by purchasing war bonds, rationing food and materials, registering for the draft, and supporting the troops.

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Exclusion and Internment - Pearl Harbor/US Enters War
HISTORY – Exclusion and Internment

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