Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community

Announcing the Kay and Sam Nakao Fund

The Board of the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial Association mourns the recent passing of our long-time friend, supporter and survivor of the Exclusion experience Kay Sakai Nakao.

The Memorial was created to honor those Bainbridge Islanders who like Kay were exiled from their homes in 1942. From the day the idea of a Memorial was first suggested, Kay played an important role in every step of its development. Her memories, her clear ideas and her generous spirit are all reflected in the Memorial as it exists today, and will continue to be reflected as we complete the Memorial that Kay and other elders of the Japanese American community envisioned. We are endlessly grateful for her contributions.

While we mourn her loss, the Board celebrates her memory with the establishment of the Kay and Sam Nakao Fund, which will support construction of additional phases of the Memorial. The Nakao family has pledged their generous support of this new Fund, and further donations will be gratefully received. Donate to The Kay and Sam Nakao Fund.