A pictorial history of four generations and one hundred years of their life on Bainbridge Island was unveiled by the BI Japanese American Community in 1988, culminating years of extensive work collecting oral histories and photographs to chronicle their journey from immigrant laborers to community leaders.

Kodomo No Tame Ni photo display side 2

Kodomo No Tame Ni photo display

Kodomo no tame ni–For the sake of the children–was originally created as a way to honor the Issei and Nisei generations (the immigrants and their children) and to leave a legacy to help the Sansei and Yonsei (3rd and 4th generations) understand their heritage.

The large double–sided panels, replete with over–sized historical and contemporary photographs, include concise commentary based on historical documents and oral histories. In keeping with the BIJAC’s commitment to educational outreach, the exhibit has traveled to countless classrooms throughout Washington State, and to historical museums throughout the country. It is often part of celebrations relating to diversity, as well as Nikkei activities.

The exhibit has been honored in many ways. One of the first was in 1993 when the National Education Association presented BIJAC with the Ellison S. Onizuka Award, one of twelve annual awards for outstanding achievement in promoting human and civil rights.

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