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MIS Veteran Photo Tribute

In Conjunction with the 10 Year Anniversary, the National Japanese American Historical Society (NJAHS) is Launching a National Campaign to Honor Nisei Veterans of the Military Intelligence Service


MIS Families are urged to submit photos of their veterans to help fill a missing chapter in WWII history

NJAHS seeks your help in honoring the 13,000 MIS service members and their affiliates whose covert intelligence work and operations helped speed the end of World War II and the advancement of a democratic government in post-war Japan.


In recognition of the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Military Intelligence Service Historic Learning Center, NJAHS will launch the MIS Veteran Photo Tribute at the MIS Historic Learning Center. A digital photo kiosk that includes your veteran’s photo will be unveiled at the 10 year anniversary event on Sunday, November 12, and we welcome your attendance. This digital kiosk will be located on the MIS Historic Learning Center’s existing MIS Honor Wall, which lists the names of some 13,000 MIS and affiliates who served in various capacities from 1941-1952 The task of collecting the photos of these MIS and MIS-related veterans and their affiliates (civilian instructors, support staff, Naval Intelligence, Counter Intelligence Corp (CIC), WACS, Korean War MIS) is expected to take some time because of the wartime shroud of secrecy and the fact that many have passed away since the end of the war.

The task of collecting thousands of veteran photos is daunting, and that’s why NJAHS seeks your help. Whether you are an MIS veteran family member or descendant or you know of someone who should be honored, we encourage you to submit a scanned digital image of a vintage photo of your veteran in military uniform for inclusion in the MIS Veteran Photo Tribute.

Here’s how you can help:

Scan an image (300dpi) of a vintage enlistment photograph of your MIS veteran in his/her military uniform at the time of service ideally. Headshots are preferred, but not necessary.
Fill out the attached information form, including the use of photo consent form Your contact information is required should our NJAHS staff need to contact you with follow up questions. Information submitted will be used for purposes of the photo exhibit only.

Email your photo to no later than October 1. If you have questions, please email Tara Hirose at or she can be reached at (408) 234-3749.
A suggested donation of $100 will be used to prepare your photo for inclusion in this permanent photo display.

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