Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community

Conversation with Ken Mochizuki, Author of “Baseball Saved Us”

Please join author, Ken Mochizuki, as we discuss his novel, Baseball Saved Us.

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A Japanese American boy named “Shorty” watches with confusion and awe as he and his family are removed from their home and sent to an incarceration camp in the middle of an American desert. As social conditions start deteriorating within the camp, Shorty’s father decides to lead other Japanese Americans in building a baseball field at the camp and forming baseball teams. Shorty, who wasn’t a good baseball player back home, reaches a critical moment and must rise to the occasion. He also faces a similar situation during a game after the war
Ken Mochizuki was born and raised in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle and is a University of Washington graduate. During WWII his parents were sent to the Minidoka concentration camp in Idaho.