Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community

“Hold These Truths” at Sacramento Capital Stage and Virtual

by Jeanne Sakata

Directed by Jeffrey Lo
Virtually On Demand (buy tickets here)
Sacramento Premiere
Co-Production with SF Playhouse
August 25 – September 26, 2021

During World War II, Gordon Hirabayashi, a student at University of Washington in Seattle, fights the US government’s orders to forcibly remove and mass incarcerate all people of Japanese ancestry on the West Coast. As he struggles to reconcile his country’s betrayal with his passionate belief in the US Constitution, Gordon begins a 50-year journey toward a greater understanding of America’s triumphs—and a confrontation with its failures.

“A gripping story about a shameful chapter of our history when the United States government looked at its own people and saw the enemy.” – THE NEW YORK TIMES

” The writing and the acting are superb. How this actor could take on this two-hour one-man play is beyond me.” – Martha Sward


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