Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community

Peaceful Revolution with Paul K. Chappell

Join the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community at IslandWood for a conversation about waging a peaceful revolution with Paul K. Chappell, West Point Graduate, Iraq War Veteran, and Peace and Literacy Director of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. Event registration opens January 19th at

About Paul K. Chappell:
Paul K. Chappell is an international peace educator and the Peace Literacy Director of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation located in California. A West Point graduate and Iraq war veteran who believes that humanity must become as well-trained in waging peace as soldiers are in waging war, Chappell created Peace Literacy as a universal and practical skillset for surviving and thriving in the twenty-first century. His six books in his seven-part Road to Peace series, shows how positive change happens at the global and personal levels. He lectures internationally, teaches college courses and workshops on peace literacy and peace leadership, and leads a curricular development team for K-12 and higher education. Visit or to learn more.

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