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Unsung Heroes: The History of the Military Intelligence Service

Register by 5 p.m. on November 18th!

In celebration and appreciation of Veteran’s Day, please join us with Nisei Veteran’s Committee Representative Lieutenant Colonel Michael J. Yaguchi, United States Air Force (USAF), and Lucy Ostrander, director of the film “Honor & Sacrifice: the Roy Matsumoto Story”, speaking on the history of the Military Intelligence Service (MIS). We will be learning about the history and sacrifices that both Nisei men and women made pre and post-war as MIS work continued through the U.S. occupation of Japan.

November 19th at 7pm-8pm (PT) via Zoom (sign-in required)
[in English, 英語]

Northwest Nikkei Museum Speaker Series
Join us for our new, monthly program and learn about Japanese American culture and history with the Northwest Nikkei Museum! On the third Friday of every month, we will host a speaker, covering a variety of topics and perspectives related to Japanese Americans in the Greater Seattle Area and beyond!

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