Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community

BIJAC Response to Anti-Asian Racism

The Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community deplores the alarming rise of anti-Asian racism, hate and violence, and we share in the Asian community’s collective grief of the horrific killings of Asian women in Atlanta.

Ever since the former president uttered – and continues to use this day – the racist tropes “China virus” and “Kung Flu,” we were afraid that horrific events like this would eventually happen. Left unchecked, history has shown that fear, racism, hate and vengeance lead to  predictable, horrible and destructive destinations. The history on Bainbridge Island suggests a different destiny.

In World War II, our greater community stood tall against the nationally sanctioned tidal wave of fear, racism and prejudice against Japanese Americans. Our community stood by their Japanese American friends, classmates, neighbors and coworkers by keeping in touch and protecting their property.

Our community’s newspaper, the Bainbridge Review, displayed uncommon editorial courage, being the only newspaper in the nation to consistently oppose and object to the unconstitutional actions of our government.

Our community held open their arms and hearts at the end of the war, encouraging and welcoming home more than half of their Japanese American friends and neighbors.

Our community has built a memorial wall “Nidoto Nai Yoni” – Let it not Happen Again, to educate and remind us of our dark history and the vigilance we all must have to protect our rights.

Our nation should take inspiration from our island’s uncommon, patriotic legacy. Our nation must stand together and say with one undeniable voice that we will not tolerate intolerance, violence, and deliberate violations of our liberties and constitution.

BIJAC Board of Trustees


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    Bettie Luke says:

    WWII related stories of Bainbridge Island actions, are powerful reminders of courage and resiliance when people are determined to do the right thing and keep a community strong. Keep on keeping on with that spirit!

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    admin says:

    Thank you, Bettie. We are proud and grateful to be a part of the Bainbridge Island Community. Let our history guide us to continue to do the right thing.

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