Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community

Statement of Solidarity from Chavurat Shir Hayam


We in Chavurat Shir Hayam stand in solidarity with AAPI and honor the work done by them and other organizations – MAC, SURJ, BIJAC, ERACE, KIAC, BIREAC, NAACP, BISD, and BHM among others – which strive to combat racism against Asian Americans. We recognize the intent behind violent actions, threats, and coded language, even from some Congressional members and a past President, to intimidate, harm, demoralize, and demean, with the ultimate goal of dividing Americans. The critical issues challenging our country are far too important to allow this to happen by a thousand blows. COVID and BLM have starkly revealed injustices and inequities as well as other systemic weaknesses in our economy and infrastructure – all as we begin to face the impacts of global warming. COVID may have held many of us back physically, and we had only words. Now we want to reaffirm the necessity of choosing actively to support one another, to learn from each other, and to work to create a viable future where all can thrive.

Dear members of Bainbridge Island’s Japanese American community,

We wanted to reach out to you in light of the recent 79th Commemoration Ceremony and Exclusion Deck Dedication and the ongoing hate crimes against Asian Americans which we abhor. Our Jewish congregation here stands with you.

With heartfelt kind wishes,
Sharon Rutzick
Member of Coordinating Committee, Chavurat Shir Hayam

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