Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community

The Issei and Nisei Farmers: Their Legacy

Walk The Farm, a project of Tanaka Farms and the OCO Club of Southern Californa, is dedicated to spreading awareness and helping send a message of kibou (hope) to farmers around the world devastated by natural disasters.

The organization has also embarked on a mission to create the largest repository of Japanese American farm histories so that our ancestors’ sacrifices and hard work will be recorded and never forgotten. Walk the Farm has recently added several Bainbridge and Vashon Island families to their online collection of farm histories. They include:

  • Bainbridge Gardens (Harui)
  • Katayama
  • Mukai (Vashon)
  • Nishinaka
  • Sakuma
  • Suyematsu
  • Takatsuka (Vashon)

Peruse the unique The Issei and Nisei Farmers: Their Legacy site. You may even recognize old friends from farms up and down the West Coast.

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