Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community

Happy Birthday, Akio!

The empty pumpkin patch at Suyematsu Farm reads “HAPPY 100 AKIO”

An eagle-eyed BIJAC member, Karen Matsumoto, recently snapped a photo of a farm-style tribute to Akio Suyematsu, local legend and last Japanese American farmer on Bainbridge Island. Outlined in pumpkins on a large plot recently devoted to a pumpkin patch, are the words “Happy 100 Akio.” Akio Suyematsu would have turned 100 on October 30th. Happy Birthday, Akio! We are grateful for all your hard work and all that you brought to the fabric of Bainbridge Island. Your legacy lives on through the farmers at Suyematsu/Bentryn Farm.

Read the story of Akio’s incredible life here.

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