Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community


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    Michael Weir says:

    I just want to say how building that particulare park with Wyser construction,, has stayed with me threw out the years. When at the time, Christine Gregwire (please forgive spelling) had showed up with the president of the Marshall Islands. Which at the time I knew right where the islands were because I had a aunt and uncle who lived on Qujulin. There was secrete service men there the day before asking us to be gone for a couple hours the next day so they could visit the site. We barely were into it a couple weeks. Just seeing the presidential motorcade was cool enough for me. But the build itself, from digging the meandering water way down the hill to the gazebo and walkways with those cedar hand rails. Ive buit 20+ parks threw out western washington and that memorial park stands as one of my favorite for the historical value it holds. History I’ve always been fascinated with so obviously for me this one is real cool. Thank you for the article. I get emails for Washington governmental issues all the time cause I signed up for it. Keep up the good writing.

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