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Tune in to the New “beyond generations” Podcast

Tune in to the new "beyond generations" podcast

Podcast "beyond generations" focuses on the Japanese American Incarceration during WWII. This four-episode podcast mini-series is produced and hosted by Monica, an international student from Japan living in Seattle. Her goal is to educate people about the incarceration and motivate them to take action so that it will never happen again. The project began as her class project at the University of Washington and  has introduced her to the incarceration story in the Seattle area. In this podcast, you will hear guests discuss what the Japanese American incarceration during World War II means to them and how they have been  working to connect this American history to the present and future. They include Jan Johnson, the owner of the Panama Hotel, Theresa Mudrock, a history librarian at the University of Washington, Erin Shigaki, an artist and activist, and Jamie Ford, the author of New York Times bestseller “Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet.”

There are excellent podcasts on the Japanese incarceration in existence that tell the history and the experiences of the incarceration in detail. However, there are none focusing on the ultimate effect on people today. Producer and host Monica wants her podcast to help people in Seattle and beyond to learn from the incarceration and its impacts, and to apply those lessons in the context of today’s race-based hate and  discrimination--and to take action to support the communities who suffer.

You can listen to "beyond generations" on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Tune in to all four episodes:

Episode 1: The Panama Hotel
Episode 2: University of Washington students of 1941 and 1942
Episode 3: Nikkei Student Mural “Respect Beloved Community” with Erin Shigaki
Bonus Episode: With Jamie Ford, the author of “Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet”


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