Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community

“Let It Not Happen Again” at the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum


Let It Not Happen Again honors the 80th Anniversary of the forced removal of Japanese Americans from Bainbridge Island in 1942 after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. This installation in the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum lobby will feature a few materials and photographs from the Museum’s collection about the Exclusion period.

The recently restored original U.S. Army poster instructing Japanese Americans to leave the Island will be on view from March 24 – 30 only. Believed to be the only remaining original copy, the poster is an important and fragile artifact from this period of Island history.

Let It Not Happen Again opens Friday, March 11, 2022. The restored US Army poster will be on view from March 24 – March 30.

Bainbridge Island Historical Museum

Children and adults alike will enjoy this delightful local museum located in a 1908 Bainbridge Island schoolhouse. Whether you have come to see the Japanese American internment exhibit and the accompanying Ansel Adams photos of Manzanar, or to learn about the Port Blakely lumber mill (which at one time was the most productive lumber mill in the country), the Native American families that used the island as their seasonal hunting and fishing grounds, the explorers who charted Puget Sound and anchored right off the island, the early families who homesteaded the island, or the Croatian fisherman who settled in Eagle Harbor in the 1880s, you won’t want to miss this museum.

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