Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community

Virtual Mochi Tsuki 2022

It’s Mochi Tsuki time, and Mochi Ninja is steaming mad. Another year without a live event! We won’t let COVID get us down. Say good-bye to 2021 and welcome 2022 with hope for prosperity, fortune and good health!

Mochi tsuki (moe–chee sue–key), or pounding rice to make mochi (rice cakes), is an important traditional event in preparation for the New Year. For over a millennium, making and eating the sweet rice treat mochi has been a celebrated New Year’s tradition in Japan, with generations of families and communities coming together to wish good health and prosperity for the new year.

For more than 30 years, BIJAC has brought this celebration to Bainbridge Island, inviting everyone, young and old, to bundle up in the crisp winter air and enjoy the tradition of mochi-making. The Japanese have traditionally believed that all material objects are imbued with spirits, and so by partaking of mochi–thought to symbolize the spirit of rice–they hoped themselves to gain the strength of these rice divinities. While we cannot gather together in person this year, there has never been a more important year to draw strength from mochi!

We invite you to celebrate Virtual Mochi Tsuki, Jan 8-31, 2022. Click to enter HERE.

Akemashite Omedetou, Happy New Year!