Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community

In Memory: Iku “Dorothy” Amatatsu Watanabe

Sadly, BIJAC received news that Iku Amatatsu Watanabe passed away on June 28, 2020 from natural causes. She was 96 years old and the youngest and last of the Amatatsu sisters of Bainbridge Island, who all lived long, full lives. Iku was 18 years old on March 30, 1942, the day the Bainbridge Island Japanese were evacuated.

In August, 2007, Iku participated in the oral history project, contributing her memories of her time in Manzanar. Thanks to her generous contribution, her story lives on and will help to teach new generations about the lives of Japanese American Bainbridge Islanders. Iku can be seen here:

Our hearts go out to her family.

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