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Help Stop the Lava Ridge Wind Project

Minidoka National Historic Site’s historic, natural, and cultural resources are currently being threatened. Magic Valley Energy has proposed the Lava Ridge Wind Project, a 400-unit wind turbine field on 73,000 acres of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) property adjacent to Minidoka, 25 miles northeast of Twin Falls, Idaho. If built, it will be one of the largest in the U.S. Several turbines are slated to be installed on the historic footprint of the camp, and almost all are completely visible from the WWII Japanese American incarceration site in Southern Idaho.

Learn more about the Lava Ridge project and the efforts to preserve the historic site.

Click here to donate to the Friends of Minidoka in support of their efforts to preserve the legacy of Minidoka.


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    MEI LING NG says:

    I would like to volunteer to stop lava ridge, I am
    Originally from malaysia. I used to
    Live in Irvine, California . I moved to Paul, Idaho . minidoka county . I never feel the air so fresh and peaceful in my life but I do believe the lava ridge project will destroy harmony of environment.

    I have a idea want to contribute , we need to set up GOOGLE group e mail for stop lava ridge.
    . All the Story we share and comments and voices for lava ridge should post and circulate in the group to show how much we passionate about minidoka .

    Our voices to local commissioners ,BLM and state congressman’s should be seen by all of us in the group

    That s how we keep track how many voices have been share and to see what local
    Commissioners comment back and act for us

    Thank you

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    Alwena Savage says:

    Lava Ridge, if completed, will be done at the expense of the earth in this area. I am confident that people who are truly concerned about climate and the well being of the climate and condition of the earth will realize that lava in this area is not like granite. It is unstable and will not bear the blasting that other areas can bear. Thank you

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      Cindy Eller says:

      You are correct and that lava is over our water source and one of the most pristine aquifers in the world.

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    Lauren Jeppesen says:

    I am writing to voice my objection to the Lava Ridge wind farm. It will ruin a wild and beautiful area. So that some out of state entity can rake in the government subsidies. Windmills and solar panels are a horrible blight on the landscape for some ridiculous pipedream of “Renewable Energy”. Carbon free. Hah!!! How can they say they are for the environment when those projects ruin the environment.

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