Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community

Manzanar Jello Party – Sally Kitano (OH0077)


We decided that we wanted to have a party. There were about four to five girls on the block. We were all different ages, of course. One or two were younger than me, and there were a couple who were several years older. But there were five of us, and so we decided one day that wanted to have a party. So everyday that we went to the mess hall to have our lunch, we would pick up the Kool–Aid, a teaspoon of Kool–Aid and put it in a little container and bring it home. So when we saved enough Kool–Aid we said okay, it’s time for our party. And then, I think we bought some Jell–O at the canteen or something.

Anyway, we made the Jell–O and had it stored in the refrigerator at the Mess Hall. Well, one of the workers there said, “Oh, here’s some Jell–O.” And of course, she shared it with the people that worked there. So we went to get our Jell–O, it was gone. We were devastated. I remember all five of us were in tears over the fact that our Jell—O was taken away from us. So, when they heard about it, they promptly put something together for us. So we had our nice party afterwards.

Video Interveiw — February, 2006

Sally Kitano

Shimako "Sally" Nishimori Kitano was 9 years old, in the fourth grade, when she was evacuated. She was the youngest of five children. The Nishimori family did not move to Minidoka with most of the Bainbridge Island Japanese. They stayed in Manzanar.