Pre WWII - Lives of Bainbridge Island Nikkei Before the War

_TIM6890 - Four Boys at Bainbridge Gardens In the 1930's Bainbridge Island was a sleepy cluster of communities each with its own post office, gathering spot, and grocery. A "mosquito fleet" of steamers darted from dock to dock, a relief from the awful condition of the dirt roads, often gutted by rains or dusty from the sun. Bainbridge High School, established in 1928 when two schools combined, served grades seven through twelve. Perhaps as a result of the unifying effect of one high school, Bainbridge Island was beginning to see itself as a community. Immigrants who, fifty years earlier, separated themselves into homogenous neighborhoods, now were scattered across the Island. Slavs lived next door to Japanese; Italians were neighbors with Finns. There was no longer a "Yama" or a "Dagotown." All Islanders were proud of the Island's largest industry: strawberry farming, producing two million pounds in 1940, all from Issei (first generation Japanese immigrant) farms. At the high school, Nisei (second generation Japanese) were student leaders in sports, academics and government. Close friendships grown from twelve years association in Island schools often crossed ethnic lines.

SLIDESHOW (Businesses) — Japanese owned greenhouses, nurseries, and grocery stores
SLIDESHOW (Families) — Bainbridge Island Japanese American families
SLIDESHOW (Farming) — A collection of photos and artifacts
SLIDESHOW (School) — Class photos, sports and school artifacts
SLIDESHOW (Social) — Social activities enjoyed before the war

Oral History Clip (OH0002 - Jerry Nakata) 3:01 — Friends, Class '41, Japanese school
Oral History Clip (OH0031 - Eiko Shibayama) 4:35 — Life on the farm, picnics, Japanese films
Oral History Clip (OH0032 - Yae Yoshihara) 4:31 — Japanese Hall, school, farming, Caucasian friends
Oral History Clip (OH0047 - Hisa Matsudaira) 1:55 — Living off the land
Oral History Clip (OH0056 - Brooks Andrews) 2:22 — Reverend Emery Andrews and his trips to BI in the Blue Box
Oral History Clip (OH0058 - Junkoh Harui) 4:43 — Play outdoors, picnics, grocery stores

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