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Strawberries Being Loaded for Transport Welcome to the history section of the BIJAC website. This section focuses primarily on the exclusion, evacuation, and detention of the Nikkei (people of Japanese descent) from Bainbridge Island during World War Two. Each of the following pages contains photos and first hand accounts (oral history film clips) that illustrate these events.

The film clips were taken from our current oral history collection, which we began filming in 2005. They are each 1–6 minutes in length.

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Strawberries Being Loaded for Transport —Eagle Harbor, Bainbridge Island, WA. These were possibly the strawberries of the "Royal Shipment." In May, 1939, strawberries grown on Bainbridge Island were shipped to British Columbia for a visit by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth of England. Eight hundred cases of fresh Marshall strawberries were collected from Nikkei farmers all across Bainbridge and were shipped by boat up to Vancouver, BC. They were served at a Royal Luncheon at the Hotel Vancouver.

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