Slideshow - First Japanese Immigrants on Bainbridge Island

This is a collection of photos and artifacts of the Issei (first generation Japanese Americans) who immigrated to the US, and eventually Bainbridge Island, from Japan. During the late 19th century in Japan it was traditional for the oldest son to inherit the family land, home, and business ventures. Younger siblings either worked for their oldest brother or went to seek their own fortunes. A poor economy in Japan spurred some of these young bachelors to travel to the United States and to Bainbridge Island to work in the Port Blakely Mill. As they got married and started families they became more interested in settling down in one place. When the mill closed in the early 1920s these young families remained on the island and the majority of them cleared land and became farmers.

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HISTORY – Pre WWII – First Japanese Immigrants on BI

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