Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community

Had to leave doll behind – Sally Kitano (OH0075)


There was one thing that I had to leave behind, and that was a beautiful doll. It was a brand new one that I had gotten from Santa Claus, and I had to leave that behind. I was very disappointed but with only one suitcase that could be taken. I got to take a rag doll that my sister had made, and I think that was the only toy that I got to take with me. But the funny part was that when we got back to the Island, my doll was still sitting on that sofa. So I had it all through high school, it was just sitting on my bed that was the one thing I loved so much as a kid!

Video Interveiw — February, 2006

Sally Kitano

Shimako "Sally" Nishimori Kitano was 9 years old, in the fourth grade, when she was evacuated. She was the youngest of five children. The Nishimori family did not move to Minidoka with most of the Bainbridge Island Japanese. They stayed in Manzanar.