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After the Silence: Civil Rights and the Japanese American Internment during World War Two. Produced by the Bainbridge Island Historical Society.

Behind Barbed Wire: a documentary about the internment of the Japanese at the beginning of World War II. It specifically focuses on the community in Bainbridge Island, WA and how this action by the government of the United States affected their lives. Produced by Kathryn Crawford.

Japanese American Internment Conference — Voices of the Past and Present: In 2005 BIJAC hosted a Civil Liberties conference at IslandWood featuring two panels. In the first, members of the Bainbridge Island community talked about their memories of World War Two, from serving in the army to confinement in internment camp. In the second panel, community leaders discussed how lessons learned from the past that can be applied today. For more information contact BIJAC at

OSPI Films and Study Aids: in 2007 BIJAC produced three short films for the Washington Civil Liberties Public Education Program: Communities Working Together in a Time of War: The Andrews Family and the Japanese Baptist Church of Seattle, Constitutional Issues: Civil Liberties in a Time of War, and Communities Working Together in a Time of War: Japanese And Filipino Americans on Bainbridge Island. For more information contact BIJAC at

Visible Target: the story of the evacuation of Japanese–Americans from Bainbridge Island, and the Woodwards' lonely fight against it. 28 minutes, vhs, produced in 1985 by Cris Anderson and John deGraaf.


In Defense of Our Neighbors: the Walt and Milly Woodward Story, by Mary Woodward.


Photo Presentation: a one hour talk by Frank Kitamoto featuring photos of the Bainbridge Island internment experience with lessons in tolerance, diversity, human rights, and civil liberties. For more information contact BIJAC at

Traveling Photo Exhibit: A pictorial history of four generations of Japanese American life on Bainbridge Island.


Densho — The Japanese American Legacy Project: a collection of photos, oral history interviews, and teacher resources.

Manzanar: Historic Resource Study/Special History Study: Published by the National Parks Service.

A More Perfect Union — Japanese Americans and the Constitution: images, text, music, and first–person accounts on the story of exclusion and detention of Japanese Americans during World War II.

Building Communities of Courage: a collection of youth interpretations, photos, and interviews about the importance behind the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial.

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