Bainbridge Island Japanese American Memorial — Introduction

_TIM3977 - Evacuation Day: Walking onto the Ferry Kelohken Nidoto Nai Yoni, translated as "Let It Not Happen Again" is the motto and mission of the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial. The Memorial is located on the site of the former Eagledale ferry dock on Bainbridge Island, Washington, on March 30, 1942, two hundred twenty–seven men, women and children — two–thirds of them American citizens — were forcibly removed from their homes, rounded up by US Army soldiers armed with rifles fixed with bayonets and boarded a ferry to Seattle.

The Memorial is administered by the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial Association (BIJAEMA). BIJAEMA is a public non–profit corporation that is a separate entity from BIJAC, however both organizations work closely together and share several board members. For more information visit BIJAEMA's Facebook page, or the BIJAEMA Blog.

Photo Information:
Day of Forced Removal: Walking onto the Ferry Kehloken — Japanese Americans, escorted by armed soldiers, walk down the Eagledale ferry dock on Bainbridge Island, WA at the beginning of their forced removal to the Manzanar Assembly Center in the California desert. March 30, 1942. Copyright: Museum of History and Industry, Seattle Post Intelligencer Collection

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